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    Hi! I’m Toni…

    I help business owners & entrepreneurs like you, get organized so that you can design and confidently launch your course in record time.

    Image getting this done without feeling frustrated, getting overwhelmed or lost along the way AND ultimately making money while you eat, sleep and play every single day. 

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    I love to teach and I love to be creative and creating courses combines the two worlds for me.

    After going to school for both a Master’s in Adult Education and one in Instructional Technology, I found work at a University, State Government Agencies, Federal Government Agencies and Corporations using all aspects of the adult learning theories and created international learning events for all.  

    After some time in the industry, I found myself laid-off. As a single mom, I needed stability so I started Toni L Brown, LLC an Instructional Design firm and started creation courses for people like you…entrepreneurs, small business owners and people that want to teach their expertise.

    From day one, I realized I found my purpose….


    organize your ideas

    Creating a course for your students can be quick and simple if you start by organizing your ideas to determine where their knowledge ends and your course should begin. During this phase, you will identify the goal of your course, your ideal learner (who needs your course), what topic your course will cover, the many ways that you can serve your student with additional resources, worksheets, training, and more. 

    design your Course Content

    You do have time to create your course! 
    Once your ideas are organized, you will need to start designing how you are going to teach it. Take this self-paced workshop to quickly create your course AND make it be one your learners will love.  Get access to templates, swipe files and checklist with the exact steps you need to determine what you want to say and do in your course and how you want to deliver it.  At the end of this workshop you walk away with a product ready to sell.

    launch your course

    Now that all of the details have been ironed out, it’s time to launch that course! In this final phase of us working together, we develop your personalized strategy to build hype and create FOMO for your course,  create a pilot of your course to get your first cycle of select students enrolled, update and improve your course on feedback given in the first cycle and then we finally launch this course to the masses all without stress and overwhelm.

    4 Tips to Create Work/Side Biz Balance

    4 Tips to Create Work/Side Biz Balance

    Creating a biz you love is tough enough when you have all the time in the world to make it happen, but for some of us THAT is not an option, and we have to work for another company to keep the lights on, a roof over our heads, and our bellies full, so we have to come...

    Building a Bankable E-course on a Budget

    Building a Bankable E-course on a Budget

    Here are 5 fascinating tips to help you build a bankable course on a budget: 1. Narrow Content Scope - One of the quickest ways bust a budget (I’m talking time, too) is trying to cover too much subject matter in a single online training course or module. This is why...

    What My Clients Say About Me, Toni B….

    Toni, Thank you so much for the time you spent with me two weeks ago. You do really good work with helping people figure out what’s next in their courses and your new product is fantastic! I’ve written my intro course outline and feel good about it. I went a different way than what we discussed, but was able to use the structure you provided to map the course. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! -Felicia


    Corporate Escape Strategist, Felicia M Jackson

    I had been spinning my wheels for weeks regarding the formation of an Intro Product for my digital audience. A meeting with Toni quickly eliminated my mental hurdles and allowed me to finally formulate a well structured course. I will be forever grateful!


    Adult Ballet Instructor, Janicka Arthur

    Toni was so helpful and walked me through how to do a Zoom screen share! She also talked to me about how and where to place my light to make me look beautiful on screen : ) I feel so much more confident to do my first Zoom training video.

    Thanks so much Toni!


    IEP Consultant, Courtney Burnett

    Short List of Satisfied Customers

    Make sure you join me!

    Interested in learning how you can use courses to reach more customers, sell more products and services and increase revenue in your business?

    Join me for a bi-weekly, strategic course creation lesson delivered straight to your inbox.

    Get behind the scenes expert guided tour that’s going to change the way you feel about creating your course.