Wanna Know Why People are Skipping Your Class and Going Straight to Your Competitors?

Learn How to Critique Your Course So You Can Figure out… What’s wrong it?
Why it isn’t selling?
Where are my star students?
and create a plan to fix it so that you can launch to a full class with confidence.

You don’t know, what you don’t know until you know!
Understanding the dynamics of exceptional course design techniques for adults is difficult.  You need a structure that leads to raving fans, deliver THE results you promise, is relatable and increases revenues.  In this free three day workshop series, Toni, Fix My Course, you will know the science behind content, its structure and how missing important elements decreases enrollments.

July 10, 11, 12 @ 8:00 PM EST
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What You Will Learn In This Free 3-Day Workshop.

Day 1:

Know how to conduct a critique of your course.  You get 5 Reasons why your course is not connecting and selling out.


Day 2:

Today we, fix the problems so you can be more profitable.  We will also look at a case study on how these tiny changes, bring BIG enrollments.

Day 3:

This day is such a treat…

Now that you know what is wrong
You know how to fix it.
We are going to enhance your course with 3 simple enhancement strategies.

I make sure you get your content out of your head and into your customers’ hands in the most effective and efficient structure making sure it masters the C-R Quad methodology, that is it Relatable, it delivers the Results you promised, that it creates Raving fans and increases your Revenues.