Design: Designing a Digestible and Delicious Classroom

This is were you identify what your going to teach.  You will know your modules and the lessons that go along with each module.  There are 6 periods to this class with bonus materials.  There are two CYCA Workbooks that go into more details and they are CYCA Design Content Map and CYCA Design Content Details.  These take you step-by-step in identifying, organizing and defining your course modules.

Get your class resources here!  The worksheets are available for download.  The workbooks that come with the course are listed below.

Brainstorming: Create Your Task List

In this class you will identify each tasks it takes to reach the objective of your class.  This is a data dump of all things you need to share your process.  Keep in mind not task is too small to include.

Creating Your Modules

In this short lesson your identify your modules by grouping like tasks.  It is so much fun to see your course come together before your eyes.  Be sure to use the worksheets to create your modules!

Organize Your Groups

In this class you will create you classroom flow.  This is how you will teach the class.

Identify Your Course lessons

Start knowing exactly what you are going to teach in the lesson.  List out the content and the activities to ensure learning takes place.

Creating Your Course Map

In this period you put it all together and create the blueprint of your classroom!

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