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Design Your Course Idea Workbook

2nd Step Design Your B.I.G Course Workbook

Design Your B.I.G. Course workbook is the first step in creating a course that collects coins like the collection plate at church.  This is a 2 workbook series:  Design Content Map and Design Content Details and both give you exactly what you need to easily drop your knowledge and pick up profits.

Come on now, let’s fast-track your course creation process!  You’ve been sitting on this course idea long enough.

Say good-bye to over thinking, self-doubt and overwhelm, this quick-start workbook set easily captures what you know and turns into a course so you can make more dough so you can go from Great Value to Tide in stride.

Design Your B.I.G. Course workbook is a one-of-a-kind course capture tool that walks you step-by-step through figuring out what you are going to teach.  This workbook set is procrastinating-proof!  No more second-guessing yourself or pondering the process.  All you have to do is drop your knowledge into the blanks and your course will build itself.

Grab your set today, so you too can get your product out of your head and into your customers’ hands and have a summer of limitless memories.

Design Your B.I.G. Course workbook, takes you from being confused to confident with simple questions that draw your expertise out of your head and into a structured course.  

These 2 workbooks help you masterfully design your course by guiding you through the following:

  • – Conducting a task inventory
  • – Organizing your content
  • – Creating a course map
  • – Molding your Modules

You always have support with a live Facebook group catered to helping you when and where you need it.

Who’s ready to take you and your business to a whole ‘nother level?  This girl! 

Grab your set below…today!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL (since it is an electronic document and you gain instant access).


Design Your B.I.G. Course Workbook
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