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3rd Step Develop Your B.I.G Course Workbook

Develop Your B.I.G. Course workbook is the third step in creating a course that collects coins like a vending machine in the lunch room.  This is a 2 workbook series: Develop Your Blueprint and Develop Your Spiel

You are on a roll, let’s keep up the momentum!  Your will be bringing in the bucks in no time.

You have your course foundation and laid out what you are going to teach, this workbook set takes all the information you’ve already captured and quickly creates your lessons.   You ready to knock this course creation action item off your list?  Well you are in the right place baby.  This workbook set , like the others, fast-tracks your course creation journey by guiding you all the way.  You get easy to follow examples and samples of how to mold your modules and lessons.

Develop Your B.I.G. Course workbook is the course capture tool that takes you step-by-step through molding your modules and lessons.  This workbook is the end all to worrying wort syndrome, worry no more about you have too much or not enough information, selecting which materials you should use and what you should put in them or how do I entertain these people!  Today it ends, no more second-guessing yourself or pondering the process, I have paved the way to productive and profitable course.  All you have to do is drop your expertise in the blanks and your course awaits.

Grab your set today, so you too can get your product out of your head and into your customers’ hands and get ready to chill and cash in on what you already know! Cha-Ching!

Develop Your B.I.G. Course workbook set, takes you from being confused to cocky with clarity.  With easy to use templates and examples for services, products or live instruction you will easily draw your expertise out of your head and into a coin-collecting course.  

In this 2 workbook set you will develop your modules and lessons by:

  • – Flushing out your modules using my CYCA Module Mapping Framework
  • – Know exactly how you are going to teach your content
  • – Selecting the best supporting resources you need and know why
  • – Identifying how you will engage and entertain your learners

You always have support with a live Facebook group catered to helping you when and where you need it.

Who’s ready for you to put on a show with information you already know?  This girl and your learning audience, Boo!

Grab your set below!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL (since it is an electronic document and you gain instant access).


Develop Your B.I.G. Course Workbook
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