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Creating an educational empire at times can make you feel like a little kid lost in a mirror maze at the state fair. Just when you think you’ve found the way…BAM! Into the glass you go and then you’re stuck.

Well I’m here to help you navigate the course creation maze. I can get you organized so you can design and launch your course in record time AND make some moolah too!


Three Stages to Create A Course
Every Good Project Needs a Roadmap

Discover It!

Create your course
Foundation and Family

Design It!

Collect, Organize and
Mold your content

Develop It!

Create your Classroom
Blueprint and Spiel

What My Clients Say About Me, Toni B….

Toni, Thank you so much for the time you spent with me two weeks ago. You do really good work with helping people figure out what’s next in their courses and your new product is fantastic! I’ve written my intro course outline and feel good about it. I went a different way than what we discussed, but was able to use the structure you provided to map the course. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! -Felicia


Corporate Escape Strategist, Felicia M Jackson

I had been spinning my wheels for weeks regarding the formation of an Intro Product for my digital audience. A meeting with Toni quickly eliminated my mental hurdles and allowed me to finally formulate a well structured course. I will be forever grateful!


Adult Ballet Instructor, Janicka Arthur

Toni was so helpful and walked me through how to do a Zoom screen share! She also talked to me about how and where to place my light to make me look beautiful on screen : ) I feel so much more confident to do my first Zoom training video.

Thanks so much Toni!


IEP Consultant, Courtney Burnett

Short List of Satisfied Customers

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