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CourseGEN System

Here’s the Plan Course Planner, the one and only profitable course planner that helps you eliminate information overload, stay on track and figure it all out in 1 week.  Never second-guess your steps again.

Fast-Track your course creation journey with Here’s the Plan course planner and get back to the stuff you really counts…your main money ticket.

Here’s the Plan is a one-of-a-kind, 186 page course capture tool that coaches step-by-step through creating each lesson for your course and your launch plan so you can stay on track and get your product into the hands of your customers so you can start making money. All you have to do is fill-in-the-blanks and your lessons are planned and ready to be delivered.

This course planner is new to the game and gives you everything you need to capture your concept, plan and execute your course launch from Hi to Good-bye!  You can easily plan your lessons and launch without pulling your hair out or bumping you head against your desk in course creation agony.

Here’s the Plan Profitable Course Planner, takes you from being confused to crystal clear with the entire course creation and launch process.  This planner will simply get your content out of your head, into a delivery structure and straight to the hearts, hands and wallets of your customers.

Girlfriend, you can easily drop your brilliance into this planner and be prepared to deliver your greatness with ease choose the best option below and get instant access.

CourseGEN  or CourseGEN System or CourseGEN System Plus which one is for you?

CourseGEN, you don’t have to try and figure it out or guess what goes where, with this interactive course we guide you step by step with video instructions so you can complete Here’s the Plan with confidence and launch your course in record time.

CourseGen System, gives you swipe files and templates to create you class.  Not only do you get what’s in CourseGEN, you get CourseBot an application for you to drop your knowledge and create an seamless course content map, ClassFrame that takes you step by step with a teaching slide deck and all you have to do is drop your knowledge and brand, SchoolBluPrint (SBP) helps create your school in any Learning Management System LMS) you choose.  SBP helps you organized your content so you or your VA can drop it into an LMS quickly with no waste time because you have it handy in this document.

CourseGen System Plus, you get every single item in CourseGen System and 12 months of group planning periods.  Join me and other course creators anytime you need some guidance or need to brainstorm an idea or want to work it out.


This planner works for you!

course planner

The choice is yours!  Which course creation system works best for you?

CourseGEN  or CourseGEN System or CourseGEN System Plus

CourseGEN Educational Event Planning System guides you with…

– The “real” steps to create a lesson plan that showcases your genius,
– Script writing tool, you will know what you will say from day 1, stomping out self-doubt,
– Design space to design your template and course flow so you can confidently launch to a standing ovation,
– Pre and Post Classroom Launch Scheduler process so you know don’t have to worry about missing a step, email or communication     

The BIG (Big Income Generating) lesson and launch planner also…

– Keep you moving so you can start making more money fast and mark your family vacation PAID IN FULL!

– Keep you organized so when you are called away to see about a boo-boo, you know exactly where you left off and you can easily pick right back up and complete your task in enough time to tuck your kids into bed and enjoy a quiet glass of wine.

– Keeps your expertise ready for you to make a move at any time.

– Use it to create multiple products.

– Helps you map your content, design your lessons and deliver your content the way you want.

Choose your investment and get ready to get unstuck and be unstoppable when it comes to sharing your message with the world and grabbing that piece of mind you’ve always wanted, with that unlimited income stream.  You also get access to a private support group for additional guidance on your course creation journey.

This small investment will bring in the big bucks!

Now go ahead and click the button and get your instant download.  You can start as soon as today.

Boost your biz and your bank account with this one little tool.

All Sales Are Final (because it is an electronic product) and duplication or distribution of this product without the permission of Toni L. Brown, LLC will be prosecuted. If you choose CourseGen System or CourseGen System Plus, you can receive partial refund within 30 days of purchase.