Creating a biz you love is tough enough when you have all the time in the world to make it happen, but for some of us THAT is not an option, and we have to work for another company to keep the lights on, a roof over our heads, and our bellies full, so we have to come up with some crafty ways to have our cake and eat it too. (Which is okay, because cake is good!)

Here are 4 tips I use to help keep a work/biz/family balance:

1. Create a Plan – Creating a course is a project and the best way to tackle a project is to start with a plan. Grab a notebook or my handy dandy Course Creation Lesson Planner to help you create a course creation plan and stick to it.

2. Manage Your Time – Time definitely gets away from you when there are so many things to do like cooking dinner, getting the kids ready, working on your company, and still making time to work in someone else’s office, so it is important to identify times when you can erect your education empire. The first thing you can do is create office hours that are designated as DND. (Do Not Disturb!) This time can be in the morning or late at night, whichever works best for you and your magnificent mind. Get more course creation time management tips here.

3. Ask for Help! – As women and business owners we feel like we can do it all, and that all things fall on our shoulders. Well, it’s time to change this type of thinking and get some help, girl! You know teamwork makes the dream work! After you create your plan you can see what information can be delegated, so be like Nike and Just Do It! Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! Stay in your professional lane and let the specialists take care of you. This is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I have a small but effective team that does what it does well, and I do what I do well. I’m here if you need me. Just drop me a line here.

4. Let Your Favorite Addictive Device Do Your Work – Your computer isn’t the only tool for creating your online empire. You know as well as I that time is scarce when you are building a million dollar biz and you really need to work about 16 hours a day, in addition to your 9-5. Identify the tools and apps you can use on your phone or tablet that can help you when you have a little time.

Here are a few I use:

  • Canva
  • Word Swag
  • QuickBooks
  • PayPal
  • Camera

Do you have a tip to add to the list?  I’d love to see, so post it below.