Like many of you, I’ve watched the becoming of Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, but I looked at it differently than some of you.  I thought about all the information she had to learn, the transfer of knowledge from those that know to Ms. Meghan, who needs to know.  Not only did she need to know how the Duchess Slant or The Curtsy she needed to get a crash course on how to meet the Queen.  Let me put this in perspective, Kate Middleton had eight years to learn and be ready to join the British royal family, Meghan on the other had a little bit over a year to be ready for her royal role. She had to know, comprehend and implement fast.

So how do you think they created her curriculum?
Here’s my take…

> They decided on the specific goal and objective(s). With a short timeline you need a specific goal and objectives to support that goal.  In this case what does she need to know right now and what can be taught at a later day.  The Princess curriculum team came together looked at events the would be partaken and taught those first. The goal: Get her ready to meet the world and the Queen on the limited timeline.

> They decided what they were going to teach her.  Based on the goal and objective they create a curriculum to meet the need of this crash course.

> They decided on the best way to teach this crash course. There are three main learning styles visual, auditory (hearing) and Kinesthetic (hands-on).  They had to use all of these to increase comprehension of the knowledge they were transferring.  Look they were on a short timeline and they needed her to gain and implement quickly and the best way to ensure learning has taken place is to have a blended (use of all three learning styles) learning experience. I’m sure Meghan was glad she was fit for the Duchess Curtsy because I’m sure she has practiced it over and over to get it just right.

> They had her implement it right away.  Taking action always leads to better comprehension and is the best way to administer corrective action.  I’m sure they looked at the upcoming event and taught her what she needed to know then she did what she does and shined.

All these steps are steps you need to take to create your course. Here’s a royal course creation checklist design just for you.

  1. Get specific on your goal and objective.
  2. Teach what you need to teach.
  3. Find the quickest path
  4. Use as many learning styles as you need
  5. Make sure they practice

This will ensure you have a class that’s fit for a Princess or Prince.

What’s your take?  Do you think you could teach the next Duchess or Duke?

If you need guidance with this process.  Hit me up here 15MinuteTalk and we can plan it.

Happy Creating!